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SPACE IN ORDER  was founded by Katia Sorkine in May 2013. It is a unique and personal company with the sharpest eye for details and solutions and provides its customers with sustainable and quality-based offices and public spaces.

Katia Sorkine is native from France and has both lived and worked in France and Sweden. Her international background is the basis for her multicultural perspective, her understanding of the customers and their different needs and requirements.

The common thread in her career consists that she always had positions where high service level, social skills, solution solving and quality have been key factors.

Her background:

Katia has worked as an internal consultant and been the Head of the management center and customer service for Jean Louis David, Paris.

She has developed processes to optimize customer service and all the logistics for public spaces furnitures at Input Interior, Malmö,  that resulted in a significantly improved customer service and reduced costs for the company. She also was involved in the continuous work to improve ISO 9000 Quality management and ISO 14000 Environmental

The last 2 years before founding Space in Order she worked for Struktur, Malmö, as a project coordinator and project manager for customers as Thule Group, Sparbanken Öresund, Emporia/ Steen&Ström and was a Super User for the IT system of the company.

It is thank´s to all the experiences, rich knowledge, her focus on quality and service, all successful projects and satisfied customers, all the great relations with suppliers and contractors, that the idea for Space In Order was born, and now has become a reality.

Welcome to Space in Order. We are looking forward to help you as well with your interior spaces and projects whether it´s large or small.

Contact us at: katia@spaceinorder.com

+46 7 37444293


Best Regards,

Katia Sorkine

KS 09.12 (3) - Kopia


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