SPACE IN ORDER is a Project management and consultant organization to help companies with their spaces and environments (offices, shopping centers, hotels or similar) to make sure their vision is realized and coming alive regarding the complete interior and design.

This requires a great co-ordination with other contractors, suppliers, architects and also timing and organization regarding the deliveries, relocation, fittings and decommissioning.

Instead of having to contact and deal with several partners and suppliers, and to search yourself for all the needed solutions for each stage, which otherwise would take much more time and often ending up being much more expensive, you only have one contact who has the knowledge, the experience and the network so it all can be followed up and realized as your expectations. 


> Plan and follow up time plan and budget.

> Analyze yours needs and requirements to get your interior and spaces adapted, customized, activity-based and personal.

> Procure, quote and purchase all  the furnishings (standard and custom made), services (cleaning, plants, coffee, etc), signs and displays.

> Coordinate and follow up the local, building and its construction with the contractors to make sure it fit with the interior and that everything is on time.

> Follow up and continuous dialogue with the architects so their design manual and choices goes along with Your requirements, needs and budget.

> Plan and follow up all the logistics for the deliveries and installations.

> Assure the quality of the project during the whole time.


You are Welcome to contact us for more information how we can help You and Your company with the needs, the interior and spaces.


+46 7 37444293  

Best Regards,




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