Inspirations, likes and highlights @ Maison & Objet Paris january 2014

20140125_124127Lighting. Always looking for new lamps since this is something that can completely change and lift up the atmosphere in a space. Those ones are like bottles hanging but where only the white ones are illuminated.

20140125_130347Loll table. How to  transfer the idea of stretching metal from 2D to 3D into furniture solutions. 

20140125_130724Portable and fun picnic table.

20140125_142409 20140125_142419Love what you are able to do now with Corian. Encased sink with led lighting.

20140125_172752My favorite. A converted kart to a lounge armchair. Sustainability and recycling where parts of the profits will be given back to Sister Emmanuelle association. Now hope to find the appropriate project where those kart chairs could fit in and give a unique and personal touch to it.

20140125_143202For the breaks at work, to unstress between co-workers or for some fun in a public environment. New and really nice designs for table football.

20140126_153439 20140126_153450Chill out space.

20140126_153852 20140126_153842After all the plant walls now time for the moss walls.

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