Sparbanken Syd, Head Office, Ystad

New concept for Sparbanken Syd, to connect the branding and the marketing tools with the interior spaces. This new concept is made to be developed and adapted to different spaces within the bank such as the board room (where we also were in charged for the IT solution and lighting), waiting areas, administration departments, meeting rooms as well as all the displays/ signs and art. This new interior is now in harmony with the client’s branding, values​​, activities and needs and will progressively be taken forward and made in all their other customer offices.

Project manager and coordination: SPACE IN ORDER                                  

Architect and photograph: Johanna Olsen – SHAMELESS CREATIVE              

 2014_03_24_5944 2014_03_24_5945 2014_03_24_5948 2014_03_24_5952 2014_03_24_5959 2014_03_24_5989 2014_03_24_5995 2014_03_24_6012 2014_03_24_6015 2014_03_24_6019 2014_03_24_6021


Pictures from before:

DSC_0595 DSC_0600 IMG_0007 IMG_0012


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