Customer satisfaction

Service and quality leading to customer satisfaction in projects we do has always be the most important ground for Space in Order. We are therefore very happy when we receive great feedback and references as the below one from E.ON:


Katia helped us with the renovation and refurbishment of the office environment for our Management Board in 2015. A reconstruction project in itself is not difficult, but this project was complex because it was a prestigious project where we had a very tight schedule and where most of the delivery was during the summer holiday. It was very important that The Management Group and the other employees in the office would be disturbed as little as possible and that required a lot of coordination to bring together also all involved organizations and partners such as security, IT, stakeholder, building contractors, furniture suppliers, employees and others.

Katia took a great responsibility to keep together the entire project and to ensure the whole interior design of the new office environment that had not been updated since the 1960s. Katia showed great commitment and took a huge responsibility for the project to be delivered on time, with quality and for the right budget. She leaded and pushed through all the other subproject leaders ahead and made sure that their deliveries followed the timetable that was set. Katia was very involved in the construction process and had daily dialogue with all our contractors, which was appreciated by them. Katia listened to her customers to capture what they wanted but was also good at developing other solutions that inspired them to new thinking.

Katia as a project manager is very organized, driven, systematic, clear, creative, flexible and has good control. Katia is also good at making demands and does not always take no for an answer without making further attempts to push through the demands / requests.

Katia delivered this project in a very good way. The project was delivered on time and at the right price and our Management Board was extremely pleased with the end result. My understanding is that the project largely became as successful as it was thanks to Katia. She put her heart and soul into the project and did everything to do a good job.


Linda Palac

CEO E.ON Fastigheter Sverige AB

Carl Gustafs väg 1

SE-205 09 Malmö


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