Reused, reclaimed and recycled

Reused, reclaimed and recycled materials and the thinking of environment and durability when manufacturing interior and design products.

At a time when environment and sustainability belong to some of the most important issues for everyone’s future, this also plays an important role in the choice of interior design and its furnishing.

Many suppliers have taken actions to create products made of recycled materials, that are durable to last over time and also taking in account the environment and how to minimize all emissions. Several manufacturers  also producing with components coming from a nearby radius and using materials that are free of hazardous substances and not affecting our nature.

Of course purchasing already used furnitures/ second hand can be a good choice, but you need to  have in mind that older products can consist of lacquers, colors, chrome and other substances or materials that contains dangerous substances that today do not comply with environmental requirements.

Below are several examples of manufacturers who have developed interior products that has a GREEN thinking:


EMECO – Is probably one of the first manufacture that really made a big difference when starting already in 1944 using recycled aluminium.

The famous 111 Navy made of 111 recycled plastic bottles – was launched in 2010.

Since that they have continuously worked on several products using reclaimed and reused materials such as:

Recycled aluminium
Recycled Pet
Reclaimed wood polypropylene




BOLON – Their story began 60 years ago with an idea of making textile waste for rag rugs.

Today they create amazing woven vinyl floors, made by reused material. Bolon is innovating, creative and always in the process of transitioning to an even more sustainable business.



ABSTRACTA – Is a pioneer in the field of acoustics
Check for example Airleaf

All its clothing and stuffing contain recycled material.
All items in Airleaf are recyclable, either as material or energy.



KVADRAT – has been leading the field in textile innovation since 1968 and have since that had a strong focus on minimising their environmental impact throughout all processes from design to delivery, while ensuring a healthy working environment.

Their fabric Revive is a result from the technology used to turn PET plastic into polyester yarn. So it is a 100% Recycled polyester fabric!



INTERFACE – Always working towards using less material, using more recycled material or find an alternative material with lower impact. In 2008, they focused their attention on the precoat, a key component of the carpet tile.
They today are using material such as discarded fishing net and laminated glass from building glass and car windscreens.

Take a look at this beautiful carpet : Net Effect – 100% Recycled Solution Dyed Nylon



PETLAMP – is a project that mixes the reuse of PET plastic bottles with selected traditional weaving techniques from different corners of the world in order to create unique handmade lampshades.



HORREDS – Sustainability, environment and quality

Their surroundings have naturally influenced them and their way of thinking when making furniture. Words like “local” and “long-term” have been embedded in the company’s culture since its inception in 1936. Generations of styles and material trends have come and gone, but their foundation remains the same. They are still crafting furniture to last a lifetime and make a strong impression, yet have as little impact on our natural environment as possible.

Horreds manufacture bespoke items, which means minimal waste and imact on the environment. For the same reason, they only use green electricity and produced within a 10-kilometer radius of Horreds.



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