Realized projects in 2016 and ongoing projects 2017




Relocation of 140 people to 2 floors at E.ON HQ. Project leader to coordinate the renovation of those 2 floors together with new furnishing to adapt it to the business needs and activities and to optimize the spaces for a more flexible way of working.


Skurups Sparbank, Skurup

Complete renovation of existing building. Project coordinator with architect Johanna Olsen @Shameless Creative to create a new concept for the bank with new furnishings to create a more welcoming and warmer environment. Lounge/lobby, workplaces, reception and meeting rooms.



Uniper, Malmö

Consultant to help the customer with new needs to adapt existing spaces due to internal changes in some departements and to optimize the areas for fitting in more workplaces.

20160730_144226 - Kopia



Midroc WTC Teknikportalen, Malmö

Project leader for the interior spaces and all its furnishings to meet and solve the needs and functions of the customer and coordinating it together with the architects, the construction and the different suppliers. Budget, schedule and purchases.


E.ON Värme Sverige Produktion 

Relocation of 60 people to a completely new office. Helping the board with workshops, analyses and interviews to  adapt the new office and it´s layout to respond in the best way to their needs and the business daily work and the different activities.


E.ON Värme Sverige 

Relocation of 80 people coming from 2 different offices. Project leader to relocate the business to one floor at E.ON HQ and to help optimize the existing surfaces to be adjusted and to fit for the different needs and activities.

Sparbanken Syd Studio, Malmö

New customer office. Project  coordinator with architect Johanna Olsen @Shameless Creative


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